– Scuola Internazionale di Milano with Heather McReynolds
La Vigna Art Studio
– Istituto Marconi, Viareggio (Lu)
MuSA – Museo virtuale della scultura e dell’Architettura, all’interno della Rassegna della Versiliana, Pietrasanta a misura bambino (LU)

Thanks for this experience! It was so beautiful for me and I’d do it again a thousand times, it left many emotions I’ll never forget imprinted on me”                           

“A unique, wonderful experience”                                                                            

“The experience I underwent was wonderful and great fun: it made me reflect on many things”                                             

“It was an extremely interesting journey…amusing and very relevant… I experienced a variety of emotions from when I put on the mask to the subsequent stages. When I put it on I felt a sense of protection and detachment from the others and when I took it off I felt free”

“I’ll start by saying that I never expected so many emotions would be imprinted in me at the end of this experience, but I have to admit that now I have a whole new dimension in my cultural baggage. I still have a vivid memory of Claudia wearing my mask and I must say that I still feel a bit shaken. I don’t know if it was because of the videocamera focused on me or because one of my dear friends had her face largely covered by my face. Apart from the activity carried out with the mask I was struck by all the stories you told us and the passion with which you expressed them. Rarely have I encountered people who work with as much passion as you do, I was very affected by the story you told us about the prison, and I’m still shocked when I think about the videos and all he history behind it. I’m so pleased to have met you, you’re a wonderful person and I really hope that next year we’ll have lots more meetings, our group is much more united thanks to this experience. Keep up the good work!”

“This experience was fantastic and also pretty emotional, right from the start I felt at ease both with you and in the setting itself especially when we took the photos; it was a bit embarrassing but I think this is normal, but I can say I got over my shyness and threw myself wholeheartedly into it. This short journey was amazing and I’d do it again a thousand times! Thanks again for everything!”                                       

“After this experience my relationship with the girls was strengthened, it was as if we’d entered a new sphere of communication. When I put on the mask of one of my students, I felt important: I felt as if I’d done something for them. When I looked into her eyes I saw her more beautiful, more laid back and happy to have lived this experience together” 

GIOVANNA BACCI, teacher of History of Art and Design, coordinator of the project.